We Are More Than a Club

Our goals for members

Through engaging with the team process of building a competitive TBM, our members will learn why sustainable transit is needed,  they will gain valuable engineering experience relevant to their career, and they will create life-long connections and networking

"Every single element was done with the intention of moving people from where they were to where they wanted to be."
- David Coven, Founder

We hold ourselves to a high standard because we want to be the best version of ourselves. We embrace the difficulty of a challenge and use it to fuel our innovative work. We are all here to do something we love - might as well make some memories.

"Every single element was done with the intention of moving people from where they were to where they wanted to be."

        - David Coven, Co-Founder

Our Shared Values

Washington Hyperloop’s values are intended to reflect both our mission and our culture. Our amazing work and past challenges we have solved was made possible by the ingenuity of past members, and collaborative environment we’ve established.


New and modernized ideas are the fuel that propels Washington Hyperloop forward.


Design, iterate, and execute. We turn our challenges into opportunities for exploration and improvement. We take risks and learn from failures.


We believe people perform their best when they are self driven and we hold each other accountable to produce high quality work.


Diversity brings in different perspectives when solving problems, therefore we welcome any major to apply. 


A strong work ethic is non-negotiable. Commit to the grind and rest at the end.

Faculty Advisor

Washington Hyperloop is advised by Dr. Meza from the Department of Mechanical Engineering to provide guidance and support across our sub teams. His research investigates harnessing bioinspired materials & the novel properties of nanomaterials in bulk materials. He is interested in materials for extreme environments, designing for electrical and thermal performance to make multifunctional materials, and making biocompatible materials for operation in medical devices.

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